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It was bound to happen again my friends.  Attacked again, on my own page.  I guess I need to get used to the fact that there will be haters.  But if you do not like my page and what I have to say then it is very simple and easy to leave.  It is, however, just plain rude to come to my page and attack me when I did nothing to provoke it.  I don’t go to other people’s pages and attack them and I expect to be treated the same. 

I have been “watching” said person for a few weeks.  She seemed to have a negative comment to everything I posted and today was just the last straw.  She has been removed.  I have no time in my life nor the energy for negative people that would rather pity themselves than help themselves and that kind of activity does not belong on my page that I created to be a positive space.  It is ok if you want to be sick and you’d rather suffer than find healthy ways to manage this condition we’ve been given, but it is not ok to come to my page and tell me that my Fibro is not as bad as hers because I do Insanity.  Pardon me, but do you even know me?  Do you live in my body every day and do you know what I have been through in my life?  I prefer not to get into a bitching contest about who’s fibro is “worse”.  Perhaps we should put that energy into helping ourselves.  And perhaps I can do Insanity because I have gotten to the root causes of my condition and have learned how to manage it without the use of drugs.  Maybe that makes said person a little uncomfortable.  Sometimes bashing someone instead of facing the truth is easier ya?!

I get that people on my page are all at different stages of their journey.  It is no secret that I am a huge advocate of managing drug free, exercise and diet.  Most people I have encountered want to come and learn about how they can improve upon what they are doing, make positive changes, get off meds, get moving and learn to eat for less pain.  And some people will have every excuse in the book as to why they can’t make the changes, will try to convince themselves that taking Oxy everyday of your life is ok, that not pooping is normal and that you can’t be fit with fibro at 40.  Pfffttt……  I’m sorry but noone with Fibro should be taking those drugs on the regular.  And if you have to convince yourself that the side effects of said drugs are ok then you have a problem bigger than my making you uncomfortable.  In fact, I feel sorry for those that would rather suffer, that prefer to be the victim and that do not want to help themselves.  And I am thankful that most people that come to my page want to make the changes and want to live and not just exist.  These are the people that keep me going and inspire ME because the changes are NOT easy and it takes guts to get your head out of the sand and move forward toward positive change.  So this post served not only as a vent but also a thank you to those that make my page a better place everyday!  Hugs to you all!!

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