Do you suffer from heartburn, GERD or digestive issues?  Recently I was told that my stomach acid sucks and that I needed to supplement with betaine HCL.  I wasn’t aware that if your stomach acid isn’t sufficient than you can have digestive issues, absorption issues, bloating etc.  Who knew?!  So I started on the betaine a couple months ago.  I think it’s working but was recently diagnosed with a bacteria in my digestive system so now I’m on antibiotics for that.  But if you suffer from heartburn or the like it is more than likely that you have not enough stomach acid vs. too much.  And this is where antacids come in.  They don’t work because you are actually making the problem worse by reducing whatever stomach acid you did have.  So give it a whirl.  Our stomach acid decreases as we age so it’s not a bad idea to start it anyway.  The supplement is relatively cheap and worth a shot if you suffer from any of the things I mentioned above.  Make sure you get one with pepsin.  Let me know how it goes!!

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