Evening fellow fibro warriors!  I know, yet again, I’ve been slacking here.  I guess we all have one part of our lives that we continually slack in.  This would be mine apparantly.  But tonite I say hello yet again and I feel the need for a rant.  Hey, maybe if I have a lot more things to rant about I’ll blog more?! 🙂  

So today I’m walking the dog and checking my FB page activity when I come across a follower that posted on a post I have up about one of my Fibro fitness groups.  Now I was always taught if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.  But obviously this person has never heard that.  The post went a little something like this….”you can’t exercise intensely with Fibro.”  The rest of it I don’t remember because I deleted it and banned her.  You know what, you are entitled to your opinion as we all are but to come to MY page and basically call me a liar is flat out rude and disrespectful.  I am living proof that you CAN exercise intensely with Fibro.  So to post that you can’t is calling me a liar and questioning my credibility.  Now is this the first time someone has told me “you can’t have Fibro?”  No.  But it still gets to me every time.  Why?  Because I take great pride in being able to help the Fibro peeps that do take me up on my services and I also take great pride in the fact that I am able to do the things I do with Fibro.  I have worked damn hard to get where I’m at and I deserve some credit for that.  

So let’s talk about exercise.  Can you exercise intensely with Fibro?  YES!  Does everyone start out there!?  NO!  Will everyone get to that point?  NO!  But CAN you move every single day in some capacity?  Hell YES!  And we should.  Because if we don’t we are tighter, our muscles will spasm more and we will atrophy.  And you know what, the longer you don’t move the worse you will feel when you finally do.  I also heard today someone say their doctor told them they shouldn’t exercise.  Excuse my language but BULLSHIT!  If you were in fact told that then you need to find a new doctor.  Any doctor that knows anything about our condition will tell you to move.  Fibro is NOT an excuse not to move and sometimes I feel like people use it as one.  Can you tell I’m a little passionate about this topic?  

So that’s my rant for this evening.  If you feel the need to call me out be polite and do it privately.  I would give someone the same consideration.  To do so on my public page is flat out rude and uncalled for.  I do believe that this person has some unresolved issues and I was the closest victim to her wrath.  Maybe she’s having some issues managing her Fibro.  Then ask for help.  Don’t take it out on the person that IS trying to help.  Or I do believe that some people want to be sick.  It’s sad but true.  It sucks to be sick.  I wouldn’t WANT to be sick.  Regardless, those that call me a liar or refuse to believe I have Fibro are so worth the wonderful people I have come in contact with.  Those are the people that make the bashings all worth it!

 Till next time my friends!  Give me something to rant about and maybe I’ll write sooner! 🙂

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