…it doesn’t change you.  I read this quote today shortly before speaking with a fellow Fibro person that was not ready for a change.  Shortly after that I saw this…

imageSo here follows my rant….

In the business I am in it frustrates me when I see someone that NEEDS to make a change but is not willing to do the things they need to do to get there.  But alas, you cannot want something more for someone than they want it for themselves.  You can provide the direction, offer the support, and hope they see it for themselves.  I never turn these people away.  i support them in other ways because I care and because I know some people take longer.  Do I want to smack them around a bit!?  Sure!  But that’s not recommended in today’s society.  ;). 

So my question for you today is simply, are you ready for a change?  Do you need to make a change?  Because if your diet sucks you will never get control over your Fibro.  If you’re not exercising you will always hurt.  Muscles that don’t move are tight.  Tightness causes more pain.  Move!  In some capacity, everyday!  Many of you know I’m not a fan of meds.  If you’re taking a bunch of pills that have nasty side effects how do you know what are med side effects and what is Fibro?  Repeat after me.  Fibro meds are not meant to be used long term.  There are so many natural alternatives.  Be your own advocate, seek them out and do your research!  I hear so many times people aren’t eating.  Then in the next sentence they tell me they have no energy!  Would you expect a car to run with no gas?  And how’s that water intake?!  Most people aren’t hydrated. That’ll cause all kinds of unwanted symptoms.  

This post may be a slap in the face to some.  But I write it because I care and I want people to feel better.  Sometimes it’s so simple!  Can it be scary?  Sure!  But what’s the alternative?  Feeling better is so worth the initial uncomfortableness.  If I can go vegan and gluten free, survive and thrive you can do it too!  Reach out if you need or want help!

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