When I was diagnosed with fibro it was such a relief! There was a reason for my years of unexplained pain. But what they don’t tell you is all the fun stuff that goes along with it! Read a list of the things associated with fibro and you might be shocked! I know I was. But I also said, those things won’t happen to me. Fast forward to now and I’m dealing with just the things I swore I wouldn’t be. Boys and girls, up until about last summer or so I was managing my fibro as I always had, very well and without meds. Then what I thought was a flare turned into a series of events that led to where I am today….frustrated and searching for answers.

My frustration mainly comes as a result of me not being in control of what is going on with my health. I have found a new doctor that I’m hopeful can help but I find myself in a place where I swore I’d never be. But, as I’ve done before, I will overcome these challenges, learn how to best deal with them naturally and share that with my fellow fibro peeps. The frustrated girl that just wants to hide under a rock is not me. And I’m determined to get the old messed up version of me back.

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