Why is it we resist changing something that we love but that we know doesn’t serve us? My acupuncturist has told me several times raw veggies and salads do not like me. My digestive system doesn’t seem to care for them. My Ayurvedic doc also told me my body hates raw veggies and salads. In Chinese medicine it’s called liver qi stagnation I believe. In Ayurveda it’s a Vata imbalance. Basically….my body hates raw veggies and salads!

So you’d think I’d stop having my daily salad for lunch. Oh but I love them so! After I returned from Summit I felt I needed to detox from the Vegas hotel recycled air so I went on two Shakeology’s a day, replacing my lunch salad with one. Miraculously my stomach felt better! But of course I had to experiment! So I had a salad one day. Yup, no good! So for the past month or so I’ve been having my breakfast, two shakes and dinner. Stomach seems good! I went to Trader Joes the other day and was drawn to the lettuce. And yes, I had myself a nice salad for lunch yesterday. Oh so yummy! And yes, my body revolted about two hours later. Why do I torture myself when I clearly cannot eat them?! Because I love them and want to eat them! I guess I can now relate to those that resist changing their diet due to food allergies. It’s funny though because I got rid of dairy, soy and wheat because I know I’m sensitive to them. I didn’t resist that change and I love bread! So why the salad?!

Maybe if I drink enough Shakeology over time my body will accept a salad every now and then?! Stay tuned….

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