Two years ago I was diagnosed with fibro. It was a huge relief to know I wasn’t crazy and to finally have answers. I decided to manage it naturally after being on one med that had less than desirable side effects. I guess I thought the other “issues” that often go along with fibro would somehow skip over me. Wrong! Last May I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and I had a battle with a bacterial infection. Playing with your own poop and saliva is nothing short of humbling.

It has been a difficult year and an especially difficult few months. In October of this past year I started having all kinds of new symptoms, was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, and now we are trying to unravel another mystery that we think is hormonal. Acne at 36 is never attractive and losing your hair is not a good time. Although this has been a blast I’d really like to get off the fun train!

I have had more blood taken, more doctors visits and more tests than I care to count. And tomorrow I commence with spitting into little vials again. A dear friend kindly reminded me it was better than playing with poop. This is true! Now I do know things could be worse, and don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for so much, but I will not deny there has been some ugly crying and freaking out. Oh…did I mention I’m also battling two torn tendons in my foot. I’m the girl that doesn’t need the foot problem. I’m really not trying to whine….

I will say I have learned so much, about myself and about fibro and so many other issues. I think this has helped me to be my own advocate because I’m so in tune with my body that I know when something is amiss. And we truly have to be our own advocates. In January I fired yet another doctor because he was not listening to me when I knew something was truly off. Sometimes we have to travel, and sometimes it’s not convenient but how important is your health?

In my business, in order to be an effective Coach, I need to experience the supplements and programs before I can recommend them to someone else. And while I’m not thrilled with the state of my health, I guess similar to my business, I need to go through this to continue to help others like me.

Stay tuned…..


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