A member of my Fibro group posted this on my Facebook wall today. It really struck home. It’s the inspiration for this post and I wanted to share what came to mind when I read it.


I just spent 30 minutes rolling on a tennis ball. My last week has revolved around getting this flare under control. Tennis balls, foam rollers, Epsom salt baths, stretching, supplements, Yin Yoga, various topicals,the list goes on and on. I often wish certain people could live just a month in my body. I’m not sure they would survive. But maybe they’d understand. I think Fibro peeps are the strongest people I know. Why? Because every day we get up despite pain and fatigue and we do the thing. For those that have chosen to fight and kick Fibro’s ass, every day we get up and manage what we are given that day. We exercise despite pain and fatigue because we know it is good for us and it’ll make us feel better. We do everything “normal” people do because just because we are sick doesn’t mean the chores don’t need to be done. We cook a healthy dinner despite the fatigue because we know eating clean makes us feel better. We do our research and we become our own advocates, because we know what happens when we are not. We’ve been there.
So I think we are pretty bad ass. Not everyone can do what we do and maintain the positivity on most days that we need to get us through. Do we have days that are less than stellar where things fall by the wayside and we turn into a bumbling mess? Yup! I was there the other day. But the bad ass ones have a good cry, brush themselves off, reassess and call it a new day.
Not everyone can do that and I think we all need to remember that quote, print it out and hang it where we can be reminded of our strength every day.

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