I had a massage today and I think it was the most painful massage ever! Toxins leaving my body? Not sure, but even my calves had knots! I have a tear and bursitis in my right shoulder and even that is bothering me. I’m thinking the daily Yoga is aggravating it. Funny thing is it didn’t bother me this much when I was doing Pump. Slathered some arnica cream on it today. Pain levels otherwise are still high. I hear there are solar flares happening. But that’s another story for another time!

I brought all my supplements with me to my massage so that I could eat when I got home. Tip…don’t forget the shaker cup to mix your detox! Managed to mix in my water bottle but it was messy! When does the mental clarity come in? 🙂

Had my fruit for breakfast.

For lunch I had leftover quinoa lentil pilaf with some leftover veggies and avocado. And for a snack I had half a serving of Tropical Shakeology.

For dinner I had steamed kale and hearty vegetable Miso soup.
I will definitely miss the detox. It keeps me full.

Half way through! Be well my friends! Hoping to get to bed early and not sure if I’ll hit yoga tomorrow. Might be best to rest the shoulder.

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