I admit it. Today I smelled the banana when I was cutting off Dwig’s slice! Big pat on the back for not chomping off a piece!

Yesterday I hopped out of bed before the alarm! Huge for me! That didn’t happen this morning unfortunately. Stay tuned….
Pain levels are still super high but digestion is fabulous! I had some reflexology today and she picked up on kidneys and digestion amongst some other things. Makes total sense.

Today I ordered the detox on autoship. I had previously ordered the alkalinize and optimize. My hope is that my digestion will stay this way!

Yesterday I went to my yoga class and my upper body felt like I’d been lifting weights all day. My bad shoulder is really bothering me so I did Stretch 40 from Turbo Fire today. May need to back off on the Yoga next week.

I’ve had my fruit for breakfast both yesterday and today.

A salad yesterday and today for lunch.

Last night for dinner I had beets, quinoa and coconut collard greens that were super yummy!

I loved the coconut collard greens so much I made the kale up that way tonite. I had that with roasted corn and edamame succotash that was to die for! I think I prefer the coconut collards over the kale.

One more week to go!

Be well!

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