Today I wanted to eat my entire jar of almond butter! Fear not, I abstained!

Day 1 of week 3 today! I missed the detox and my tummy was a little weird with the revitalize. I’m assuming that will pass though. I had some stomach upset when I started the detox too. My pain levels are still super high. It’s supposed to rain for another three days here. I’m looking forward to seeing what this week brings and some chocolate Shakeology next week!

I’ve had my fruit for breakfast the last two days, a salad for lunch and half a tropical shakeology for a snack.

Last night I had the roasted corn succotash again because it was that yummy and the squash with garlic tahini which was equally as yummy!

Tonite I had garlic veggies, quinoa and sweet potato. The grain in phase 3 is optional but I’m eating it otherwise I’ll be a very hungry girl!

Be well my friends!

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