Day 17 of the Ultimate Reset. Today I went to Trader Joes and was oggling the dark chocolate covered caramels. I can normally walk by without a second glance but not today. Feeling hungry today and I think I’ve been having low blood sugar in the mornings. I seem to be ok with that after breakfast though. My pain levels are still high. Had acupuncture yesterday so hoping that helps some. I’m almost tempted to do some cardio to see if that helps but I can wait a few more days, right?

I had my fruit for breakfast yesterday and today.

Yesterday I had a salad for lunch and today I had the Moroccan salad which was super yummy. And of course I had half a serving of Tropical Shakeology for a snack.

Last night for dinner I had curried cauliflower, brown rice and coconut kale. The cauliflower was fantastic like that! Tonite I had garlic veggies, millet and butternut squash.



Today I got my alkalanize, detox and optimize so I’m ready to go post reset!

Be well!

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