I, Heather Conley, managed to go 21 days without doing a strenuous workout! How do I feel after the reset? Digestion is fantastic! Pain levels are still high but I’m only one day out.

This morning I did Les Mills Pump and it was tough! I guess that’s why they say to come back at 50%! I’m feeling it now! I’m feeling my bad shoulder and knee so I’m thinking I need some joint support before I resort to a cortisone injection.

I was excited to have something other than fruit for breakfast! I had some quinoa with blueberries, coconut milk and chia seeds.

For lunch I had my salad which I’ll continue. I was super excited to have a chocolate Shakeology for a snack! I drank it super slow so I could notice if it bothered me. So far so good! I do think I’ll alternate chocolate and tropical though.

For dinner I had black bean chili with avocado and brown rice chips. Super yummy! Before bed I’ll do my protein shake in water. Instead of having my piece of chocolate Shakeology bark I’m drinking my water and will have some tea in a bit.

So what were my results? I lost 5 pounds and a whopping 6.75 inches! I’m astonished really! I didn’t think I had anything to lose and had recently lost over 4 inches with Les Mills Pump. I’m very excited to see what round 2 of Les Mills Pump brings! Enjoying the journey!

Be well!!

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