Ok so two observations this November evening… I apparently suck at blogging since my last post was from May, and I cannot be in the presence of my Mother’s fudge.

I always have plenty to say. Perhaps this whole blogging thing scares me. I’d rather have someone manage the site for me. I’m afraid of messing something up. Or I’m lazy, or a little of both. Someone recently told me life starts when you step out of your comfort zone. Maybe I should listen, or maybe I should slap him. I haven’t decided which. But ya, ok, I need to blog more. Who plans on holding me to that? What do you all want to see, hear about, etc.?

Oh ya, we were talking about fudge…..
My Mothers fudge to be exact! It’s not that sickening sweet kind of fudge, so it goes down really easy. Before you know it, you’ve inhaled five pieces. Ya, that’s what happened at Thanksgiving. I did real well at dinner. Lots of veggies, and I even had my Shakeology on the way there. Then the fudge came out and it was a total surprise because the evil fudge goodness usually doesn’t make it’s appearance until Christmas. And so it was. Yes, I ate it. Yes, it tasted awesome and yes I felt like crap after. All was not lost though. I came home and did some Yoga and had some tea. Huge victory for me as the old Heather would have eaten everything in sight for the remainder of the night figuring I already messed up the day. This probably would have continued for the remainder of the weekend. So yes, amen for small victories and positive changes! It is a continual journey for us all my friends!
Now see what happens when I don’t blog!? I ramble on about various topics!

So I guess the moral of this post is blog more and step away from the fudge. Yup, I’m going with it!

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