In about a week I’ll be starting the Ultimate Reset. What is that you ask? It’s a 21 day cleanse that Beachbody just released. And no…it’s not one of those cleanses where you need to strap yourself to the nearest bathroom!! It is actually very gentle and you eat some pretty fabulous food on it!

Some thoughts headed into this. Since I’m already vegan week one should be a breeze in regards to the food part. Actually the whole thing should be because you are eating vegan expect for in that first week. So I’m good there. Concerns I have that I’m sure will be distant memories as I get into this.
You can’t do any strenous exercise for three weeks. And for those of you that know me, well enough said! You can, however, do Yoga, walking, stretching, tai Cheng etc., so I will be doing that. Another concern I have is the amount of food in one sitting. Not sure this body can put down that amount of food in one time, but I will do my best!! This is definitely not a starvation diet, so if that is a concern of YOURS, then fear not my friends! You get a lot of food!!!

I have put some things into practice prior to starting the Reset and I’m already noticing a difference in my digestion. I’ve been adding the himalayan salt to my regular water (during the Reset you add it to distilled water), I’ve been practicing mindful eating (in other words not just shoving food down my face) and I have not been drinking water with meals. Actually, I had previously stopped drinking water with dinner and lunch but somehow I forget that tea was a liquid with breakfast!!!

What am I hoping to get from the Reset? I am very excited to see what it does for my Fibromyalgia. We, as a population, tend to absorb more toxins. So will getting the crap out help my pain levels? It is an exciting possibility!! Shakeology has already done so much, will this be the final piece? I’m excited to try some new recipes and add them to my arsenal. They look awesome! And of course I will continue on with the maintenance supplements. I will most likely replace my current digestive enzymes with the Optimize and I currently don’t have a supplement for alkalinity so I’m excited about that!

I will be video journaling my progress so follow along!

Be well my friends!!!

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