Great big shout out to Michael for the title of this post!

Today was day 2 of the Ultimate Reset. I woke up with a headache, feeling exhausted, and feeling like I slept on my neck wrong. Not sure what can be attributed to the Reset and what is the fibro though as we had some rain today. When I went downstairs to feed the gang I started getting shaky and sweaty. That went away and I went upstairs to do some yoga. Then after my shower I had the chills. I started feeling a bit better throughout the day. Still have the headache though.
The meals today were fantastic! I ended up having 1/2 a tropical Shakeology for a snack because I was missing it. I tried to pretend it was a Chocolate. Alas….it didn’t work!
With the rain today Mia and I only got in a short walk. I found myself very antsy and feeling like I needed to move.

Enough about me! You want to see the food right?

This was breakfast. I made a bit too much oatmeal but I ate it anyway because I was hungry. That is one thing I’m struggling with. I never measure anything out. I eat what I know my body needs so that part has been tough.

Lunch was another yummy salad that I ate in the car. I had planned on eating it at my clients house but Mia was destroying the client doggies toys and I had to remove her from the house.

And dinner was to die for! I could eat these “tacos” every night. My taco was on the bottom because there was no way all those ingredients were fitting in that little taco. Oh, and lemon on kale is fabulous! Who knew? Pine nuts were also a nice touch. These ones were 30 seconds from being burnt…..sometimes I forget about things in the oven.

Lunch is already made for tomorrow. I kind of made too many lentils, but we shall save that story for tomorrow!

Be well!

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