Day 3 of the Ultimate Reset and my migraine is much better! I’m having some soreness but I really think its due mostly to the damp weather we’ve been having. Slept in a bit this morning and did my yoga. Stayed low key today because I didn’t want the migraine to get worse. I didn’t take anything for it as the Reset recommends abstaining if you can.

So last night I made lunch for today and tomorrow, the lentil lime salad. Well I misread the recipe and made a boatload of green lentils! It’s a good thing they freeze well!

Today I had the oatmeal for breakfast. I made sure it was a cup but when I reheated it in the pan with the strawberries it really expanded! I swear it was a cup….really!!

Lunch was the lentil lime salad and a salad. Not the biggest fan of the lentil salad. I love lentils, just not this particular recipe. We can’t love them all right?

Missed my snack today because the timing was all off due to the sleeping in.

Dinner took a bit to make as I opted to make the hearty vegetable miso soup instead of the regular miso soup. And my nori rolls were not rolls, but they still tasted good! I really enjoyed the hearty vegetable miso soup!

Challenges thus far: I miss my workouts and chocolate Shakeology. I’m still doing yoga and as much as I love yoga, it’s not the same for me. I’m also missing bananas and dates! You hear that? Yup, I’m whining! Also, I love to cook but I make a lot of soups, stews, chilies, one pot meals that make several servings. I often freeze the rest for a quick dinner. So this way of cooking i.e., several dishes at one meal with different prep is new and challenging for me. And here I thought I had it made. Ha! Will I go back to my method after the Reset? Yes! Do I think that there is anything wrong with their method? Heck no! It just doesn’t work for me long term. I am, however, marking the recipes in the book I will be adding to my arsenal. So far they are the black bean tacos and hearty vegetable miso soup!

Off to get some rest!

Be well!

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