This morning as I was giving Dwiggins his morning slice of banana I found myself jealous of the little guy!

Today I’m feeling, shall we say, a little backed up? Hey, we are talking about a cleanse right? The topic was bound to come up! The headache is still kind of lingering there, but it’s not as bad as it was. And my pain levels are up. But it has been damp and rainy here since Monday so it is hard to tell what is the fibro and what is the Reset. I went to acupuncture today so I’m hoping that helps with all of the above! I also got my yoga in and a walk with the dog.

I had fruit and a piece of flax bread for breakfast. The guide called for yogurt but since I don’t do dairy I added some coconut milk to my fruit. One thing I learned…I need more than fruit for breakfast! I was a hungry gal by lunch.

My version of today’s lunch was the lentil lime salad the guide called for, leftover japanese cucumber salad from last night and some avocado.

I had half a serving of Tropical Shakeology for a snack because I felt like my body needed it. I miss my daily Shakeology fix!!

And for dinner I had quinoa and stir fried veggies and a cucumber tomato salad.

Tomorrow is usually my splurge night so I’m expecting that to be a bit challenging mentally. We all know what keeps us on track and that, for me, does.

Until tomorrow!

Be well!

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