Day 1 of the Ultimate Reset is in the books! This morning I did some Yoga and this afternoon I went for a walk with the dog. Today I opted out of being vegan for a day and I ate the eggs for breakfast and the salmon for dinner. They were both fantastic and I can’t remember the last time I had either. However, I felt “heavy” the whole day. This tells me my body really does appreciate being Vegan.

The supplements were easy for me as I’m used to taking a bunch anyway. I had a bit of a sore throat after the oxygen but I’m not sure if that is allergies or in fact the oxygen. This evening I felt a bit dizzy but again, that could be allergies. I also noticed I’m a bit testy! I am attributing that to missing my workouts and Chocolate Shakeology!!

Here’s Breakfast:

Lunch was a nice big salad that I loved:

And dinner was fabulous. The marinade on the salmon made the meal! My asparagus was a bit crispy because I turned the steamer on but forgot to plug it in, then I was too hungry to wait to eat!!

Onto tomorrow! I WILL be eating Vegan!

Be well!!

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