Yesterday my dog started getting sick. I had planned on getting to bed early and sleeping in. But I was hauling her crate upstairs at 11 p.m. and was up several times during the course of the night to clean up after her. And I was up earlier than I wanted because she was barking.
My stomach was a bit off today. This is the first time since starting the Reset, which is great since it hasn’t been right since I had the parasite in October. I’m thinking I was stressed about Mia being sick because I didn’t eat anything I hadn’t already on the Reset. I also woke up with a stiff neck and the headache came back. My pain levels are still super high too. My yin yoga class helped a bit. The moon is doing funky stuff and it has been damp here so I think that is most of the issue.
Tomorrow I start week 2, the detox phase. Oh and I lost a pound! Ya… I honestly wasn’t expecting to lose much in this process. I am, however, noticing less bloating which is fantastic. I think I’ve been bloated since October!
This morning was my last day of oatmeal for two weeks. Oy….

For lunch I had a big salad. I didn’t get to eat my snack because I was at yoga during that time. Bummer because this was the last day I could have my apple with almond butter. Oh how I love almond butter!

For dinner I had leftover roasted veggies from last night over brown rice, baked tempeh, and the avocado I forgot at lunch.

Sucking down more water now and headed to bed.

Be well!

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