Today was day 1 of P90X2. Let me start out by saying that I am a bit of a cardio addict. Workouts that do not involve cardio make me feel like running up the road after I’m done. This happens with strength workouts, Yoga etc. Yes, I’m aware, this is something I need to work on! Today was X2 Core, and yes this workout left me feeling the same way. However, that being said, I was having to pause alot to see what they were doing. So I think without the pausing I will be ok. Stay tuned….The workout does move fairly quickly, as in there isn’t much time for instruction….thus the pausing. Watching ahead of time recommended unless you like the pausing!

I did learn two things today. Medicine ball pushups are HARD!!! I ended up going to the floor because there was a face plant in my future! I think I still need to go back and watch to make sure I was attempting to do it right! And half deflated stability balls are NOT your friend! Do yourself a favor and get the premium stability ball if you don’t have it….you will need it! I thought I could get away with using my old one. Boy was I wrong! I blew up the premium one tonite and what a difference.

I think the different stretching techniques are great but will take some getting used to. The beginning foam roller stretches felt a bit rushed to me, but the recoveryworkout goes more into its benefits. I haven’t done thatone yetbut I do already use a foam roller.

Tomorrow is Plyocide…..


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