Some of you may know I recently traveled to the Bahamas on the Success Club trip. It was great and I had a blast. The travel kicked my butt though and I’ve been having a hard time bouncing back.
I exercised while there and have continued to exercise upon my return. I am often asked by fellow fibro peeps how I do it. I wish I had a fantastic, fabulous, enlightening answer. But, alas, I don’t. My answer is simple… I just do it.
Today I could have stayed in bed for many more hours. But I got up, sucked down my E and E and headed out for a 5 mile tempo run. Was it rough? Sure was! But I refuse to let the fibro win!!
Some may not agree with the method to my madness. I accept this and move on. My words of wisdom are, we all start somewhere. This applies to non fibro peeps as well. I’m not saying you need to go out and run 5 miles tomorrow. But start somewhere. Kick fibro or your stumbling block in the hiney. You are in control!!
Be well!

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