Does fibromyalgia suck? Sure it does! Is it a death sentence? No! Are you destined to a life of meds? Not necessarily!

So I have decided to manage my fibromyalgia naturally. Why? Because I think it can be done and I don’t want to rely on medication. To be honest I am really saddened by our reliance on medication in this country. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a need for it in some circumstances or that I’m better than the person who does take medication but I wish that doctors wouldn’t just throw a pill at someone before trying other things first. Because most people are so desperate they will try anything to feel better, even if that means taking a bunch of pills with a million side effects.

It angers me when a fellow fibro sufferer is on a multitude of pills and most times still not getting much relief. What are all those pills doing to your body and how many side effects are you experiencing from those pills that are creating more problems beyond your original symptoms?

So my mission is two fold, manage my condition naturally and show others that it can be done and help them to do so.

Stay tuned….

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