Well boys and girls, I have been a slacker when it comes to taking care of ME! I am so passionate about and love helping others that sometimes I get so wrapped up in the helping that I forget about my me time. And I know this is important because if I don’ttake care of me then how can I effectivelyhelp others?

So the issue ofsetting boundaries comes up. What times will I be “unavailable” and what time will the computer get shut off every night?Right now I make myself available most of the time and I’m always willing to help someone, if I’m around and they need me. Because that is who I am and that is what I do. I love helping others! But I know not taking the time for me can only beself destructive in the end. I will be honest, settingboundaries scares the hell out of me! I start to get all anxious…..”what if someone needs me????” And, don’t get me wrong, I really don’t think I’m THAT important.But I do know thatpeople have come to count on me, for various reasons.

So, like anything, I amdoing the thing and taking the steps. Because I know it is good for me. Today I went for my nails and did not touch my phone from the time I left the house until the time I was done. I think it nearly killed me!!! :)But it was ok. Noone died, noone’s question couldn’t wait and the world was ok! So tonite the computer is getting shut off at 10 p.m. come hell or high water. You know where to find me at9 a.m. tomorrow morning,AFTER my workout!

Be well my friends and remember to take time for YOU!!!

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