Someone asked me the other day if I really had fibromyalgia….because I looked so fit. Um, it is possible to be fit and have fibromyalgia. Now this does not mean that I don’t suffer. This just means that I have learned to manage my fibromyalgia naturally and that I choose to not let it rule my life. Does it suck sometimes? Hell ya! But on the sucky days I choose to have a positive attitude, because after all, what else is there?

I won’t lie. The question kind of bugged me. It was almost like she was calling me a liar. That it couldn’t be possible to be fit and have this “condition”. Let me tell you, I am fit because I choose to get up each and every morning, whether I feel like it or not and exercise. Yes, on some days it would be so easy to stay in bed. But I CHOOSE not to. And some days are definitely suckier than others. But I do it. And you know what? I feel better after I do! Movement helps. Sitting aroundfocusing onyour pain doesn’t and in most cases will make it worse. Why? Because you are focusing on it! I know this may sound harsh but this is how I feel. And I do realize that everyone is different and pain levels will vary.But if you just do SOMETHING…over time you will feel better.

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