So my body has decided it wants to try a plant based diet. I have been asked why I want to try a plant based diet. To be honest I don’t know MY answer for that just yet. All I know is that my body is telling me to do it so I’m listening. Do I have a clue what I’m doing??? NO! But I am looking forward to the journey and wherever it may lead me. Right now I want to continue eating fish and cage free eggs. Who knows, maybe I’ll find that it is not for me, but I won’t know until I try right?

And I will be honest. I have this fear that I will put on weight. I am human and my past is quick to remind me that those “thoughts” still exist. But it’s all about stepping out of my comfort zone and getting past those fears right?? And if I blow up like a fish well then I’ll just go back to eating chicken! Right!? 🙂 So there I was in Trader Joe’s today (a place I’m in love with by the way!), like a fish out of water, just grabbing stuff with really no plan. I decided I would just get creative.

But it got me thinking. This is what I felt like when I first startedsuper clean eating. It feels so long ago. But this is what my customers must feel like when they first start out in their health and fitness journey! What a lightbulb moment! So this is good for me because it helps me remember what it feels like to start something new and not really know what you’re doing. But luckily I have a bunch of friends willing to help me along. And I hope that I can be that person for my customers so they don’t feel alone out there!

Looking forward to the journey….

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