It has been hot and humid here in New England. The humidity does not like me. I have learned that it definitely increases my pain levels and exhaustion. For the past few days it has taken everything I have to drag myself out of bed, lace up my running sneaks, and go for a run. I do this because I know NOT moving will only make the pain worse and I will feel better when I am done. So I go for a run then I come home and do my weights. And I do feel better.

And I stay positive for the rest of the day. Because really, what else is there??? I could have a pity party. I will not lie, there are days…. But if I stay positive, it helps! Tonite it is killing me just to sit here. I am uncomfortable in every sense of the word. But guess what??? I am going to put a big fat smile on my face and be happy that I am alive, that I get to do what I love to do, that hopefully I impacted someone’s day today with a positive thought and that maybe, just maybe I can help someone else going through what I’m going through!

Night everyone! Stay positive! Because that will get you everywhere!!

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