So they say when you step out of your comfort zone you come out the other side a stronger person. And this means different things for different people. One of my PS Coaches told me today that she was happy in her perfect little box. I had asked her to step out of it and get on Facebook because I thought it would help her connect with our team more. Getting on Facebook to her was outside of her comfort zone. If I didn’t understand that what wasdaunting to her was notdaunting to me then what kind of coach would I be? And so I started thinking about what was out of my comfort zone……

For my coaches to understand that I have my own little comfortzone is important. Speaking and getting on calls used to terrify me! I would sweat and be all nervous for days! Now I’m not saying I amanywhere near perfect now, but I feel more comfortable doing the thing that scared me the most at one point. Right now this whole blog thing is daunting to me. When I first started I had no idea what I was doing. Nothing I did worked and I quickly became frustrated. So what did I do?? I feverishly started looking for SOMEONE to do it for me! I would have given bags of Shakeology away, if someone would just do it for me!! As I awaited a return emailI figured I’d atleast try again. Well funny thing happened, I actually started figuring out what I was doing! And honestly, it was a fantastic feeling knowing I was doing this myself. Another funny thing? It didn’t terrify me so much anymore!!!!

Now noone said I am by any stretch of the imagination a blog master now! Do not let me fool you, my trucker mouth comes out when I start working on this thing! But I’m learning and it feels good. Getting out of my comfort zone feels good!!!! SO I ask you…..what have you been putting off because it is out of your comfort zone? In order to grow we need to step out of our comfy little boxes. So stick a toe out…I dare ya!!!

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