What makes us fearful or ashamed of who we are? I have been pondering this question all day.

A situation came up yesterday that made me start thinking about who I am, what experiences have made me who I am and why I am sometimes ashamed and afraid of the person that I am today. We are all shaped by our past experiences, our childhood, and so many other factors. All of these things make us the unique people that we are.

Without going into so much detail about my past and what has shaped me, let us just say that I spent this weekend keeping it clean. Well, with the exception of the fries Friday night!!! At first I was feeling bad about missing out on a friends fun and feeling ashamed for who I am and the situations that I’m not comfortable around. But then I started to realize that who I am, the things I have experienced, the person I have become make me the unique being that I am. I need to embrace the me that is me!!! Now I’m not saying that’s going to happen over night but I am more aware now that I don’t need to be ashamed of the experiences that have shaped me and the person that I am today. I am me!! My challenge to you is to embrace the you that is you!!!!

Happy 4th everyone!!

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