Ok I must continue my rant from my Facebook post this morning!

So seriously!!! Shakeology IS the real deal! And I don’t just say this because I sell the product. I say this because I know what it has done for me and for so many others. You can’t fake results people! But if you want the straight up facts, where else can you get over 70 whole food ingredients, protein, amino acids, probitiocs, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals all in one glass for 140 calories? And the ingredients are of the highest quality! This company does not just throw a bunch of crap together, they research each ingredient and go to these places to make sure they are getting the finest product. In fact do you know why they haven’t come out with a vanilla flavor??? Because they cannot make it taste good without putting a bunch of artificial crap in it! Does that not speak to the integrity of this company ANDdoes it not make you wonder what the heck is in the vanilla powders you have been drinking.

And let’s talk about the cost. When I mention to someone that it is $120/mth on autoship I usually get the WHAT???? look! Let’s think about this….It breaks down to $4/day. You are replacing a meal with it. That breakfast or lunch you are buying is atleast $4 and I will argue it is probably not as healthy. And I challenge anyone to go out and buy all the ingredients that are in Shakeology. Good luck finding them all by the way. But if you do, calculate all the ingredients, divide it by 30 and tell me it is less than $4/day!!

And lastly, seriously, are you worth $4/day??? If you can honestly answer that question with a NO then I am deeply saddened! Everyone’s health is worth ATLEAST $4/day!!!!

I could go on and on about this product becauseI have seen and felt what it can do for people! OH, and a little tidbit I picked up from Summit….for those lactose intolerant people, yes, Shakeology does have whey in it. But the majority of lactose intolerant people, the co-creator herself, can drink Shakeology with no problem because the whey in Shakeology is of the highest quality. Higher quality whey has less of the offending lactose in it. Again, makes you wonder about the quality of the other whey protein shakes you are drinking!

So that concludes my rant from earlier today! AH, I do feel better now!

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