As many of you know I attended the 2011 Team BeachbodyCoach Summit this past weekend. I can only say WOW!!

Let me preface the experience by saying I am not a good traveler and I was very nervous about traveling across the country and leaving Dwiggins behind. The farthest I have traveled alone is to New Jersey!!! So this was HUGE for me!! At first I wondered if I should admit this, but then I realized it is all about personal growth and maybe someone else can take something away from my experience. Well…I did it and guess what….I was ok! I was more than ok!!! When we do things that scare us or take us out of our comfort zone, we grow from that!

I cannot express what it was like to be around people with like goals and dreams! The energy was incredible!! And I got to meet so many wonderful people that I have known for years but have never met face to face! This can only further increase our bond!! There is nothing better than seeing the larger picture and to experience the love that we all have for this business!

I grew in so many ways this past weekend and I cannot wait to share that growth and to use it to do great things! I truly am destined for greatness. I knew that…but this weekend confirmed it. I hope you can also say that for yourself because there is no greater feeling!

Oh…and Dwiggins did wonderful at his new vacation spot!!! Thanks Tracy!!!

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