functional medicine

What is lurking in your mattress?

In my search for a new toxic-free mattress, I realized that most are not aware of the toxins that are under their very head each night. How many hours a night do we spend sleeping? If you are sleeping on a conventional mattress, that is 7-8 hours of constant exposure to chemicals. A tradtional memory-foam…

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Low Stomach Acid

I was watching an Instagram story the other day where the person was telling her followers to drink a big glass of water before eating because that will suppress your appetite. While that may be true, this is one of the problems with those not qualified giving people nutritional information. I agree that drinking a…

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Eating Hygiene

Gas, bloating, distention, feeling overly full after a meal, belching, mild reflux…. Not fun.Some of my clients do indeed have major GI dysfunction which requires in-depth intervention. In many cases, however, my clients find MAJOR relief by simply adopting a few principles of what I call Eating Hygiene. Today, I’m giving away some of my…

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